Msian Prof in Wife-Daughter Murder Having Affair with Children’s Tutor

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Indonesian maid reveals complicated life of Hong Kong family in yoga ball killings while a close friend tells the court about the wife’s deteriorating mental state and the marriage being an unhappy one “for some time”.

  • Pathologist’s testimony reduces accused to tears
  • Professor continued to live with the wife he was cheating on
  • Prosecutors told the court about a “calculated and deliberate” plot
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 A former Chinese University professor, who is accused of murdering his wife and daughter using a gas-filled yoga ball, was living a separate life to his spouse, the couple’s former helper told a Hong Kong court on Thursday.

Khaw Kim-sun, a Malaysian national, who was having an affair with one of his students, is accused of murdering Wong Siew-fung, 47, and 16-year-old daughter Khaw Li-ling, on May 22, 2015.

On the second day of his trial, Khaw, 53, wept in the dock at the High Court as a forensic pathologist described the post-mortem carried out on his daughter’s body.

His sudden outburst in the morning session prompted Judge Judianna Barnes Wai-ling to adjourn the trial and break for an early lunch.

The anesthesiologist, who used to work at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, wiped his eyes and nose with a tissue when he heard Dr Foo Ka-chung describe his examination of the girl.

In what prosecutors called a “deliberate and calculated” murder plot, Khaw ordered carbon monoxide through his university office, claiming it was for research purposes.

But prosecutors said he ended up using it to fill up a yoga ball, which he then unplugged and placed inside Wong’s car. The two victims were found unconscious in the Mini Cooper at the Sai O Village bus stop in Ma On Shan. They were later declared dead by carbon monoxide poisoning at Prince of Wales Hospital.

The couple’s helper, Siti Maesaroh, gave evidence on Thursday that Khaw and Wong had been sleeping in separate rooms since she had started working for the couple and their four children.

“Ma’am did the cooking for the children,” the Indonesian maid said, adding that “sir made it [his own meals] for himself”.

Maesaroh also said that the couple only drove their own cars, Wong in the Mini Cooper, and Khaw Kim-sun a Toyota.

Just before the pair died, the helper said she did not see Wong carry a yoga ball to her car, when she and the daughter, who Maesaroh called Lily, got into the vehicle.

Dr Foo, who examined the bodies, told the court he found no physical injuries on either victim.

He estimated they probably died between 12.45pm and 2.45pm that day, a time period consistent with what the prosecution had earlier told the court.

For Wong, Foo said a postmortem examination found a carbon monoxide level in her blood of 50 percent, or 10 percent above the lethal level. It was 41 percent in the daughter’s body.

The court previously heard that the gas, if inhaled abundantly, could cause vision impairment and even death.

Foo also said he found traces of antidepressants in Wong’s body, consistent with what he was told that she suffered from a mental illness.

The court previously heard that the wife knew about Khaw’s mistress, a student surnamed Lee, and had grown to accept it, but refused her husband’s request for a divorce.

Wong’s close friend Foong Wai-yee took to the witness box on Friday and revealed the wife had first complained about her marriage around 2010 or 2011.

“The marriage hadn’t been a happy one for some time before her death,” said Foong, whose children attended the same playgroup as the Malaysian family.

Foong said Wong once revealed her husband had a new girlfriend and identified the mistress as Shara Lee, a tutor who taught Khaw’s children at their home between 2007 and 2008.

The prosecutors had earlier mentioned Lee as an assistant in a fake research project involving rabbits that Khaw set up to obtain the carbon monoxide.

Foong also described how the mental condition of Wong, whom she would go to yoga and play badminton with, had deteriorated so badly she needed counselling and medical help.

“She was crying quite badly sometimes,” the witness, also from Malaysia, recalled.

She said the situation improved towards Wong’s death in 2015 because she had grown to accept the situation.

Foong described Lily, who also died in the car, as the most energetic of the couple’s four children: Mei-mei, the eldest daughter, Carly, the third daughter, and Didi, the youngest, their only son.

While Carly and Didi sat in the public gallery and waved at their helper when it was her turn to give evidence, Mei-mei is expected to take the stand herself soon.

Prosecutors earlier told the court about a “calculated and deliberate” plot by Khaw, a former anesthesiologist from Chinese University’s department of anaesthesia and intensive care, who placed a yoga ball leaking carbon monoxide in the boot of Wong’s car. The couple’s daughter was in the passenger seat on the day.

The court heard Khaw told police he acquired the gas to eradicate rats in his home, though the family’s helper Siti Maesaroh told the court on Friday she had never seen rats, or traces of them, in the house.

But she agreed in cross-examination the household kept two cats and she was once told they were there to catch rats. – SCMP

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