Muda: Dr Zaliha must be sacked immediately

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Pardons board duty bound to explain to public the basis of which Najib’s sentence was commuted to only half.


Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Federal Territories) Dr Zaliha Mustafa must be sacked following the decision by the Pardons Board on former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s application.

Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) in a statement said she has failed in her duty as a government representative in the board and in her recommendations to it.

“If she has pride and principles, she must take responsibility on this decision.

“She must explain the stance and rationale for the pardon,” read the statement.

It also called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to explain the government’s stance on the matter and grounds for the decision.

It said the party viewed seriously the decision that would have huge impact on the country’s image, including economy and judiciary.

Meanwhile, former Klang MP Charles Santiago said should the Pardons Board not explain why Najib received a reduction of his sentence, it might open a floodgate allowing those facing a similar corruption sentence to apply for a royal pardon.

“The Pardons Board has to explain the basis in which the sentence was halved from 12 to six years because this is a public interest case and social media was on fire over the last few days.

“So, I think that they are duty bound to explain the logic behind this because this will actually allow others who are also facing similar charges to say – why can’t I also apply?” he said.