Multi-Cornered Fights in Sabah Polls

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As predicted, multi-cornered fights order of the day.

A total of 447 candidates from various parties as well independents are vying for 73 state seats in the 16th Sabah elections on Sept 26.

There are no straight fights in any of the seats, with the most intense battle expected in Bengkoka where there are 11 candidates vying for the seat.

Election Commission (EC) chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Salleh said the number of candidates who sent in their registration forms on Sept 12 was among the highest number in Sabah’s history.

“However, we do not have the comparison and exact numbers from previous years, but this is a record too,” he said.

“The breakdown is as follows: PCS – 73 seats, Warisan 53 seats, Usno 47, LDP 46, BN 41, PN 29, PGRS 28, PPRS 23, PBS 22, Upko 12, PKR 7, Harapan Rakyat 5, Anak Negeri 2, Amanah 1, PKS 1, Pertubuhan 1, and 56 independents,” he said.

“The EC rejected one name as the candidate is bankrupt. He is an Usno member from Petagas,” Ghani said.

He said there were three- to 11-cornered fights this time, with three state seats seeing three-cornered fights, five seats with four-cornered fights, and 15 areas with five-cornered fights.

“A total of 26 areas have six-cornered fights, 13 seven-cornered, six eight-cornered, three nine-cornered, one 10-cornered, and one (Bengkoka) 11-cornered fights,” he said.

Of the 447 candidates, 43 are women and 404 men.

The youngest is a 22-candidate from Barisan Nasional representing Tandek and the oldest is a 75-year-old PPRS candidate representing Bugaya.

“Campaign period ends 11.59pm on Sept 25. We have 73 teams set up by to monitor all activities of candidates, including adherence of SOPs throughout,” Ghani said.

He said five operations centre would be open up till Sept 30, namely in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Keningau and Lahad Datu.

“Our hotline number is 010-9436002,” he said.

Ghani reminded candidates and supporters not to use or print campaign materials that touch on religious sensitivities, promoted ill-will, caused enmity or anything that harboured bad intentions.

“All campaign talks must have permit,” he added.

He said the EC expected to announce the election results by midnight on Sept 26.

“We expect a 75% voters turnout,” Ghani said.


The Inanam state seat is fight among a whopping 10 candidates, including sacked PKR leader and incumbent assemblyman Kenny Chua.


  1. Inanam Parti Cinta Sabah’s women chief Regina Lim
  2. Parti Bersatu Sabah’s Datuk William Majimbun
  3. Former chief minister and Liberal Democratic Party president Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat,
  4. PKR’s Peto Galim
  5. Former MCA state deputy chairman Datuk Francis Goh who is contesting on a Parti Gagasan Rakyat Sabah ticket
  6. United Sabah National Organisation’s (Usno) Mohd Hardy Abdullah
  7. Party Anak Negeri’s Terence Tsen
  8. Independents Kenny Chua and Achmad Noorasyrul Noortaip and George Ngui

Api Api

The urban Api Api seat will have a nine-cornered fight where caretaker deputy chief minister Datuk Christina Liew will defend her seat.

Olivia Miwil/NST


  1. PKR’s Datuk Christina Liew
  2. PBS deputy president Datuk Yee Moh Chai
  3. LDP President Datuk Chin Su Phing
  4. PCS’ Pang Yuk Min
  5. PPRS’ Lo Yau Fou
  6. PGRS’ Chong Tze Kiun
  7. Independents Marcel Jude, Sim Sie Hong and Ng Chun Sua

(L-R) Yee Moh Chai, Chin Su Phing, Lo Yau Fou, Sim Sie Hong

Tanjung Aru

Parti Warisan Sabah Vice President Datuk Junz Wong is set to face at least an eight-cornered fight in Tanjung Aru.


  1. Warisan’s Datuk Junz Wong
  2. Umno’s Mohd Reduan Aklee
  3. PBS’ Datuk Edward Yong Oui Fah
  4. Usno’s Shafie Riduan Shah
  5. PCS’ Noran Addy Sukiran
  6. LDP’s Ibrahim Mohd Laiman Diki
  7. PGRS’ Rizawani Fiona Heng
  8. Independent candidate Jan Chow


Moyog will see a seven-cornered fight.


  1. Warisan’s Datuk Darrell Leiking
  2. PCS’ Nicholas Sampil @Willson
  3. Sabah STAR’s Joe Sulaiman
  4. PBS’ John Chryso
  5. PPRS Wilson Loizon
  6. LDP’s Marcel Annol
  7. Independent Robert Richard Foo

Likas and Tanjung Papat

These two seats will likely also see a seven-cornered fight.

Candidates for Likas

  1. Incumber from DAP-Warisan Plus Tan Lee Fatt
  2. BN-MCA’s Dr Chang Kee Ying
  3. PCS’ Lu Siau Wee @ Jeff
  4. Usno’s Daniel Isaac Hoong
  5. PPRS’ Chong Chee Vui
  6. LDP’s Sim Fui
  7. Independent candidate Datuk Melanie Chia


The caretaker Deputy Chief Minister, Tuaran MP and Upko president Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau will be contesting for the first time in a state seat, in a six-cornered fight.


  1. Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau
  2. Incumbent and PBS’ Datuk Joniston Bangkuai
  3. LDP’s Rozylyn @ Rosalyn Gelunu
  4. PCS’ Andau Yasun @ Bruno
  5. Independents Jolianis Lampog and Dominic Yasun

Elopura and Karambunai

These two seats will see a six-cornered fight.


Sabah caretaker Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal is defending the Senallang seat in the Sabah state election in a five-cornered contest which also involves his nephew.



  1. Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal
  2. PN’s Norazman Utoh Nain
  3. PPRS’ D Pg Ahmad Datu Ali Alam
  4. Usno’s Mohammad Ramzan Abdul Wahab
  5. PCS’ Madjalis Lais


Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin is facing a five-cornered fight for the new Lamag state seat in the Kinabatangan parliamentary constituency.


  1. Umno’s Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin
  2. Warisan’s Mohd Ismail Ayub
  3. PCS’ Razman Mayah
  4. PPRS’ Aal Ruzainie Abdul
  5. Independent candidate Junny Karuak


Parti Cinta Sabah president Datuk Seri Anifah Aman is facing a four-cornered fight in Bongawan, including against incumbent Dr Daud Yusof of Warisan.


  1. Datuk Seri Anifah Aman
  2. Warisan’s Dr Daud Yusof
  3. BN’s Ag Syairin
  4. LDP’s Mohd Azree Abd Ghani


Sulaman incumbent Datuk Hajiji Noor, who has held the seat since 1990, will be facing off against Warisan’s Datuk Aliasgar Basri and PCS’ Datuk Rekan Hussein in a three-cornered fight.


A three-cornered fight here for Salleh Said Keruak.