Musa Hitam: Judiciary has never been as independent as it is today

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The judiciary has never been as independent as it is today when it comes to political affairs, says former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam.

Describing the country’s judicial institution as being very strict, he said it was also causing anger for many parties, especially those with political interests.

According to a report by Malay news portal Sinar Harian, Musa did not rule out that there were also people who were happy because the country’s legal system shows no interference from the government.

Musa said this in a press conference after launching the Malaysian Dyslexia Association’s Malaysia Day celebration on Thursday (Sept 15).

He was commenting on the court’s decision related to the case of misappropriation of funds and corruption that saw several politicians sentenced.

“The independence of the judiciary must be defended to ensure that the principles of justice continue to be upheld in this country.

“If you are emotionally involved, you may not be happy,” he said, adding that it was very clear that the judiciary was independent.

“So far in my life, I have never seen the judiciary act as independently as it does now,” he added.

He also said Umno has become undeniably divided as its leaders have made the party about themselves and their agendas.

While Musa said Malaysian politicians in general have become more self-serving, some in Umno were engrossed in ensuring their own positions rather than prioritising the interests of those they claim to represent and serve.

“In politics there are ups and downs. I do not think Umno will be around forever, that’s not realistic. As for the split, it is very obvious to me it is happening.


“There’s a split at the core of Umno itself, it is the democratic process as each of them are trying to raise their profile within Umno,” Musa was quoted saying.

The former deputy prime minister said such politicians were concerned only about their own profile and power, to the point of being willing to abuse their positions to amass these.

Noting that the 15th general election was nearing, Musa said he hoped these leaders would remember to put their constituents’ needs before their own.

Musa also expressed concern over the proliferation of political parties in the country, saying some of these appeared to have firebrand leaders with supporters who were given to incitement.