Nagaenthran got to wear his favourite outfit before his death

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The late Nagaenthran Dharmalingam had one of his last wishes granted before his execution in Singapore, says an activist.

Singaporean human rights activist Kriestan Han posted a photo of Nagaenthren dressed in a collared T-shirt, jeans and white sneakers.

“Before an execution, family members are allowed to buy clothes for the prisoner to wear at a photo shoot.

“The photos are given to the family shortly before or after execution,” Han said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (April 27).

Han said Nageanthren’s brother Navin Kumar told her that this was the deceased’s favourite outfit.

Human rights lawyer M Ravi said earlier that a Malaysian funeral parlour had offered to bring Nagaenthren’s remains back for burial.

According to Nagaenthran’s brother Navin Kumar, 22, a funeral would be held in Ipoh.

A Singapore court on Tuesday turned down a legal challenge put forward by Nagaenthran’s mother, clearing the way for the execution by hanging.

At the end of Tuesday’s hearing, Dharmalingam and his family reached through a gap in a glass screen to grasp each others’ hands tightly as they wept. His cries of “ma” could be heard around the courtroom.

Nagaenthran was detained in 2009 and convicted of trafficking 42.72g of heroin in 2010, which carries the mandatory death penalty.

His appeal against the conviction and sentence were dismissed in 2011.

His case drew public attention late last year with local as well as international appeals against his death sentence, based on arguments over his intellectual disability.