Najib: Dr M pressured me to support his cronies’ projects

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Najib Razak today hit back at Dr Mahathir Mohamad for criticising him, claiming that the former prime minister had previously asked him to support projects by his cronies.


“I am grateful to him for supporting me to become prime minister, but after that he also put pressure on me to support his cronies’ projects,” said Najib in a Facebook post today.

“When I refused, he kicked up a fuss and started to plot with Muhyiddin Yassin to oust me in 2014, even before the 1MDB scandal became an issue.”

Najib said that even Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz Mahathir, had testified in court to that effect.

“Even your son admitted in court and implicated you and Muhyiddin in the plot to oust me.

“Was he lying to the court then?” asked Najib.

Najib’s comments were made in response to Mahathir’s second letter to the voters of Johor ahead of the upcoming state elections. Mahathir had launched a scathing attack on Najib.

Mahathir said he felt embarrassed for having to repeatedly mention Najib’s name, calling him a “disgrace to his country, race and religion”.

“Unfortunately, Najib doesn’t have any feeling of shame and even claims to be victimised by others.

“He hopes the Malaysian public will believe that he has been victimised by me and his political enemies,” Mahathir said.