Najib Thanks KJ for His ‘Support’ in Sarcastic Post

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Najib Razak thanked Khairy Jamaluddin for his support in a sarcastic Facebook post after the former Umno youth chief suggested the party move on in the wake of the ex-prime minister’s graft conviction.

Ahmad Zamzahuri

“Thank you YB Minister for your support,” he posted on the social media platform.

The ex-prime minister said Khairy had “fought Pakatan Harapan relentlessly until they collapsed and succeeded at becoming a minister again”.

The post was in response to comments made by Khairy earlier today.

The science, technology and innovation minister said Umno must move on and rejuvenate itself, focusing on the party rather than individuals.

“I am of the view that although he still has the room to file an appeal, this is the time for Umno to move forward as a political party and to carry out the rejuvenation process,” he said in a statement on his official website.

Yusof Mat Isa

“Although everyone has the right to give Najib moral support, I hope the Umno as a party will not be dragged into the case.

“I am sure that Umno members will be loyal to the party, more than to any individual within the party,” he said.

The former prime minister added that he has no issues with Khairy’s statement because everyone has the right to express their views.

“No problem. Everyone can have their views. It’s just a personal opinion,” he said.