Nazri’s wife criticised for Instagram Stories on the political situation in Malaysia

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Having left for Paris to enrol her son in school, the wife of an Umno leader Haflin Saiful, who has been on the receiving end of criticism from netizens, took to Instagram today to post several Stories on the political situation in Malaysia.


Haflin who is married to Padang Rengas MP Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz in one Instagram Story, posted, “Kalau PH Gomen tak fail takdela 22 bulan je. You voted! Not me.”

Loosely translated, it means: If the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government did not fail, they would not have just ruled for 22 months. You voted, not me.

In another Story which bore a photo of Mohamed Nazri, she posted a quote attributed to the Padang Rengas MP: “You voted the failed PH government in PRU14 (14th General Election). Since 2018 I was no longer a Cabinet Minister. I was not charged in the courts for any act of corruption and abuse of power. How is it I can use rakyat’s money to spend in France? Tell me – Nazri Aziz.”

Mohamed Nazri had flown to Paris with Haflin and their young son on July 1 and has since been the subject of criticism amongst Netizens.


In another post, also with a picture of Mohamed Nazri, Haflin posted another quote attributed to her husband: “I was elected as MP for Padang Rengas in 1995. I have since contested in the constituency for six terms undefeated with a comfortable majority. 80% of voters are Malays, Muslim and village folks. So don’t teach me how to serve and work for my rakyat in Padang Rengas. Not for you and I don’t care – Nazri Aziz.”

The term “Padang Rengas” is now trending on Twitter as many took to criticising Haflin’s Instagram Stories.

A Twitter user pointed out that Mohamed Nazri had only won the seat by a 2,548-vote majority in GE14, expressing hope that Padang Rengas voters would be smart in the next GE.

Haflin earlier this month defended her decision to enrol her son in a school in France following backlash over their trip there when many in the country were not able to travel due to the pandemic. – NST