Nightclub Hostess Jailed for Blinding Colleague with Stiletto Heel

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A former KTV hostess who kicked her colleague’s face with her 14.5cm-long stiletto heel, causing her eyeball to pop out, sentenced to 16 months’ jail and fined RM18,000.

  • Accused could have faced 15 years’ jail
  • The raging assailant refused to be restrained bystanders
  • Accused only stopped her attack when the victim screamed she could not see
  • Heel hit victim’s eyelid twice, penetrated her eye the third time, causing eyeball to pop out
  • The inhumane attack left the victim with very limited vision in her right eye
  • Accused released on S$10,000 bail, to start sentence on Nov 23
Wong Kwai Chow/ST

Mother of three, 28-year-old Siti Zahara Afifi Abdul Karim admitted to causing grievous hurt to the then 29-year-old part-time hostess Nur Lena Rahmat through a rash act to endanger the personal safety of others, the Straits Times reported.

Siti Zahara was also ordered to pay a compensation of $5,923 (RM18,266) for the medical expenses incurred by Nur Lena, who is now effectively blind.

Sentencing her on Nov 10, District Judge Mathew Joseph said Siti Zahara had attacked a sensitive and vulnerable part of the victim’s body – her face and eye region – by thrusting her stiletto heels at her face three times.

“In your unrestrained and seething anger, you have perversely turned a simple fashion accessory item into a lethal weapon. This was simply astonishing and an incomprehensible and inhumane act on your part,” the judge was quoted as saying.


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He added that she had behaved in an ” extremely aggressive manner”, and had continued attacking the victim even after others tried to intervene. She stopped only when the victim cried out “I cannot see, I cannot see”.

The judge told Siti Zahara that she was extremely fortunate that she was not convicted of causing grievous hurt where the maximum sentence is 15 years’ jail, but committing a rash act, which has a maximum sentence of four years’ jail and a S$10,000 (RM30,839) fine.

The attack occurred at Club One KTV Boutique in Jalan Sultan, Singapore, at about 3am on Oct 8, 2015.

It was reported that the two women had an argument over the money paid for the braces of the accused’s younger sister.

The sister had been in a relationship with the victim’s male friend, who wanted to continue paying for her braces even after they broke up. The victim had allegedly urged her friend not to do so.

When Siti Zahara and Nur Lena fell onto the floor, bystanders tried to separate them but the accused continued kicking with her legs in a fast and aggressive manner in the direction of the victim.

The victim felt the heel hit her eyelid twice before the sharp heel went into her eye, causing her eyeball to pop out.

She was heard exclaiming: “I cannot see, I cannot see.”

The victim was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where she underwent treatment for the injury. Her left eye was removed and an orbital implant carried out

She can now see only the nasal part of her visual field in her right eye due to temporal hemianopia.

Siti Zahara as allowed to start her sentence on Nov 23, with bail set at S$10,000 (RM30,839).