Nurul Izzah serving pro bono as PM’s senior adviser on economics, finance

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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has roped in his daughter Nurul Izzah as a senior adviser on economics and finance.

However, sources in the government privy to the matter have revealed to Malaysiakini that the position is not a paid one.

“I can vouch that it is not a paid role,” said one source.

Anwar also confirmed this at a press conference later.

“I am not paying her any allowances,” he told reporters in Tambun, Perak, after launching his service centre there.

Anwar – who is also the finance minister – is also not drawing any salary.

Nurul Izzah revealed her new role in government during an interview with The Star that was published this morning.

“While I may not be in Parliament to serve the rakyat, I am now serving the government in shaping public policy and putting policy into practice,” she told the English daily.


Nurul Izzah – who is also an appointed PKR vice-president – was one of the electoral casualties of Perikatan Nasional’s green wave in the northern peninsula and lost in her bid for a second term as Permatang Pauh MP during GE15.

However, she said she hopes to leverage her past experience as a lawmaker, her work on poverty and technical and vocational education as well as her service in the Public Accounts Committee for her role as Anwar’s adviser.

One task she is working on is engaging stakeholders for Budget 2023, including the people.

“As part of our budget preparations, we have not only been meeting business groups and the usual stakeholders, but we have also been seeking input from the people, especially those in the B40 group, and not forgetting the M40 group.

“The instruction from the PM was clear: Talk to the rakyat and listen to their ideas, concerns, and expectations. They are the most important stakeholders of all,” she said.

Nurul Izzah had previously revealed that she had miscarried her third child while performing her duties which included travelling between Penang and Putrajaya.

Meanwhile, Nurul Izzah said her latest role will allow her to take on new responsibilities amid a challenging economic environment.

“However, I am confident of being able to contribute to the evolution of a Malaysia that not only seeks growth for growth’s sake, but one that elevates all strata of society and provides equity in opportunities.

“Our youth must have hope in Malaysia. Things may not improve overnight, but the decisions we make today will determine the Malaysia that they inherit tomorrow,” she added. – Malaysiakini