Deputy Speaker: Opposition MPs Still Harping on Racial, Religious Politics

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The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Nga Kor Ming, today chided Opposition lawmakers for still resorting to race and religious politics during the 14th Parliament sittings.

In an interview with Malay daily Utusan Malaysia on his new role, Nga expressed his disappointment, particularly with the Opposition lawmakers for employing below the belt tactics when speaking during debates.

Yusof Mat Isa

“From this aspect, it is disappointing, particularly concerning the opposition bench; many are bringing up old issues while playing the race and religious card, which to me is not healthy,” he was quoted saying.

Acknowledging Islam as the official religion according to the Federal Constitution, Nga added the constitution also allowed for other religions to be freely practised.

“That is why I have advised the MPs and they must understand they elected and supported by voters of several ethnic backgrounds, as not one of the 222 parliamentary seats are made up of 100 per cent of one race, they are all multiracial,” Nga was quoted in the daily.

He then advised the representatives, of which 90 are first time MPs, to debate issues in the House from the perspective of a Malaysian, and not from a narrow point of view.

“They must also understand and be aware if their arguments are based on facts, statistics, or blank rhetoric,” he added, referring to the MPs.

“They must also keep to their promise and oath, and never forget the Parliament is a place from the people, to serve the people, operated by the people,” he added.

Nga also touched on his expulsion from the Parliament during the last session, saying he took the incident as a learning process while stressing on the importance of always ready to uphold the truth and humble enough to learn from his mistakes. – Malay Mail