PAC Vice-Chair: No One Scrutinising Muhyiddin Govt Now

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There is no longer parliamentary oversight of the government after Perikatan Nasional paralysed the Public Accounts Committee and other select committees, said the PAC vice-chairman.

Wong Kah Woh said Muhyiddin Yassin appointed five committee members to the cabinet and then failed to replace them.

“We were expecting the appointment of new members into the Public Accounts Committee during the May 2020 Parliament session after five members of the committee were appointed to the executive,” the Ipoh Timur MP said in a statement today.

The appointment was initially scheduled for the meeting on May 18 but later removed from the agenda.

“No decision was made by the selection committee and no replacement members can be appointed to the PAC until at least the next meeting, which is scheduled to commence on July 13.

“There will be further delay if the government postpones the sitting again.”

PAC has had only nine meetings in the first six months of the year, the last of which was on March 4, compared with a total 23 meetings during the same period last year.

“We have four reports which are in the stage of housekeeping (finalisation of the reports) and were initially planned to be tabled during the session in March.

“The tabling of the reports cannot be done as the Parliament session was postponed after the change of government in March.

“The Muhyiddin Yassin government has killed off the spirit of parliamentary democracy since its inception in March and literally paralysed the functioning of the PAC and all other select committees.


“The government’s actions and decisions will continue remain unscrutinised by the legislative arm. This is a big step backward for the nation.”