PAS won’t join in boycotting KK Super Mart

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PAS will not take part in the movement to boycott KK Super Mart convenience stores following the recent socks issue.

Its ulama wing chief Datuk Ahmad Yahya stressed however, that the party does not support any form of mockery of Islam.

He said the issue of boycotting KK Super Mart cannot be equated with the movement to reject Israeli-owned business entities.

“The issue of boycotting Israeli products is because it is directly related to (the Israel-Hamas war) but in the issue of KK Super Mart there is no direct connection.

“PAS does not take the approach to boycott them.

“If you look at speeches or comments from PAS leaders, none of our leaders have asked to boycott KK Super Mart.

“Our leadership just wants strict action to be taken against those responsible.

“I am sure that if action is taken this issue will subside,” he said according to Sinar Harian on Saturday (March 30).