Perak Exco Gets Death Threat

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Perak state executive committee councillor Howard Lee revealed that he has received a death threat via WhatsApp.

He said he was called by the police yesterday to give a statement over the death threat.

Lee, who is the exco in charge of the state Youth, Sports and Human Development Committee, said that his office lodged a report on Sunday after he received the death threat via a WhatsApp group message.

He did not disclose the nature of the death threat but said that he had screenshot the message which contains the threat.

“Freedom of speech is a right recognised internationally and also guaranteed in the Federal Constitution. In fact, Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations also recognizes the right to speak and voice opinions.

Farhan Najib

“However, I believe that the death I received could not be accepted as part of this human right,” he said in a statement.

“I’m always open and welcome different opinions, but death threats such as this is a serious matter and require further action from the authorities,” he added.

Lee, who is also DAP’s youth chief, said that he will leave investigations in the hands of the police.

“As a state exco, I have carried out my duties and responsibilities well,” the Pasir Pinji assemblyperson added.