Perfume Entrepreneur Calls out Aliff Aziz for Alleged Money-Scam

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Is the singer in trouble again?

A businessman has claimed that he was cheated by Singapore-born singer Aliff Aziz.

On Sunday, perfume company NK Exclusive founder Rashidi Ramli posted on his Facebook page that Aliff, who he had met during a recent Ramadhan festival, had called him up and contacted him on WhatsApp repeatedly to borrow money.

In their WhatsApp conversation that Rashidi posted, the artist initially appealed for help claiming dire financial circumstances.

“If it is not urgent, I would not want to trouble you, shidi (Rashidi).”

In exchange, Aliff said would help Rashidi to promote his product via postings on social media.

“At first, he said that he would do free postings for eight weeks, but once he’s received the money, he said I needed to give more as it was not enough.


“He actually did one posting, but erased it a day later,” alleged Rashid who added that it was difficult for him to contact the singer after he had transferred the money.

Admitting that he felt sympathetic towards Aliff who claimed to be dealing with personal problems, mStar Online reported Rashidi as saying: “I refused to attend to him initially because I was not familiar with him, but after he pushed for it and promised to promote my product, I changed my mind.”

He eventually agreed and made payment of a sum of money “in thousands”.

When Rashidi requested his money back, Aliff refused.

Claiming his usual rate would be higher, he said, “So one post is considered very cheap [for the amount of money you gave me].”

According to Rashidi, he was not the only victim.

He mentioned that an event organiser had invited Aliff as a guest to his event but the celebrity was a no-show despite having been paid a deposit.

Rashidi ended the post by saying that he would not have resorted to divulging Aliff’s act on social media had it not been for the rude treatment he received when he privately contacted the artist to handle the dispute.

“Being a victim myself, I feel obliged to reveal his deceit to the public so that it serves as a reminder to others,” he added.

In a recent posting on his Instagram, Aliff responded with: “Do not jump to conclusions without looking at the two sides of a coin. Hope you’re enjoying your ‘virally famous’ self now Mr Perfume Dude. Enjoy it while you can, because it will not last very long.”

“You only see what I allow you to see. Nak songlap duit RM1.5k is plain ridiculous. Tak boleh beli kereta kancil pun. A big misunderstanding and desperation of time led to this. But its okay. I’ll have my words on it very soon.”

As to who’s right or who’s wrong, it shall soon be seen, as Aliff has promised to share his side of the story.

Meanwhile, the Malay Mail reported that the singer and actor has gone off the radar, as allegations of fraud and money-scamming against him went viral.

Efforts by the media to contact him were to no avail.

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