Pervert Alert: Man Pleasures Himself in Front of Woman, Kids in Restaurant

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A mother has claimed a man masturbated in front of her and her two young children at a restaurant on China Street Ghaut in Penang last Sunday.

An expatriate from the Philippines, Vevelyn Tan, 33, had gone with her husband, 42, and two children, aged six and three, to the restaurant for a pizza.

The eatery is located inside the Penang Science Cafe, a state government-backed public facility to cultivate interest among Penangites in science, technology, engineering and maths. It also has a play area for children.

While her husband was ordering food at the counter at about 11.25am, Tan said a man wearing a black singlet, white pants and a beanie cap came behind her chair with his pants down.

“I was so focused playing with my son that I was startled when the guy came close to me.

“I moved a bit and that’s when I noticed that his pants were down and he was masturbating in view of four children!  

“When he saw me looking, he said: ‘Thank you, I love you.’

 “It freaked me out and the first thing I did was to grab my son and my daughter and run towards my husband,” Tan said in her post, FMT reported.

Tan told the news portal that checks on the CCTV showed the man had been loitering inside the cafe since 9am.

“My daughter, six, told me the guy kept looking at her when we were not around and ordering our food.  

“I’m horrified, thinking the bad things that could have happened if we had let our kids play alone in that ‘safe area’,” Tan said.

Reportedly, the cafe owners helped her view the CCTV footage of the man.

She said, unfortunately, most of the footage of the man was blurred, with the view blocked by walls and other objects.

Tan plans to lodge a police report.