PKR Not Cutting Secret Deals Behind PH’s Back

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Amid disagreements within Pakatan Harapan over who ought to be the opposition bloc’s prime minister candidate, one PKR leader has assured that the party is not holding clandestine meetings behind its allies’ backs.

In an interview with Malaysiakini today, PKR vice president Chang Lih Kang said his party president Anwar Ibrahim always shares news about his political engagements with DAP and Amanah.

He stressed that allegations of secret deals were “definitely not true”.

“For Anwar, every time he meets with anyone, he will inform (DAP secretary-general) Lim Guan Eng and (Amanah president) Mohamad Sabu.

“They are in the know. I don’t see any problem there.

Lim Huey Teng/Malaysiakini

“Let’s say someone agrees to a deal without Harapan’s consent, definitely that is a no-go,” he said when quizzed on the matter.

“All meetings will be reported to our partners,” Chang elaborated.

Anwar and former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad are presently locked in an impasse over who can cough up enough numbers and who ought to lead the opposition bloc in a counter-coup against Perikatan Nasional.

The stalemate has appeared to split Harapan, with PKR refusing to budgefrom having Anwar as its PM candidate while DAP and Amanah have pointed out that the Port Dickson MP has yet been able to convince enough MPs to crossover.

Yesterday, PKR chief whip Johari Abdul shared that Anwar had met with Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin, Bersatu secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin and Sarawak state leaders in recent weeks.

This comes amid a warning from DAP political education director Liew Chin Tong against working with Hamzah whom he claimed as one of the architects behind the Sheraton Move coup that led to Harapan’s downfall.

Today, Chang brushed aside concern over Anwar’s meetings with PN leaders.

“This does not mean we are inviting them to join us.

“Any decision to accept or reject anyone will be brought back to the top party leadership to decide […] we have to go back to Harapan, also,” he said.

Chang further stressed that PKR was not cutting any deals with the home minister.

“He (Liew) is making a presumption that we are dealing with Hamzah.

“As far as I am concerned, we are not dealing with him,” he said. – Malaysiakini