PN Unveils Its Candidates, to Clash with BN in at Least Three Seats

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Perikatan Nasional (PN) this evening finally announced their candidates for the Sabah election, hours after it aborted the unveiling at a joint event with BN this morning.


Sabah Bersatu chairperson Hajiji Mohd Noor announced that PN would contest 29 seats, of which about 60 percent of its candidates would be new faces.


It will clash with BN in at least three of the seats – Paginatan (Umno vs Bersatu), Tulid (Star vs PBRS) and Sook (Star vs PBRS).


There may be more overlaps as not all component parties who are part of the PN-led federal government have announced their candidates.

They include MCA which is contesting under BN, PBS which is going solo and PAS, which was mulling to either contest under the BN or PN logo but did not appear at either announcement.

Umno had gone ahead to announce it will be contesting 31 state seats at the bungled joint event this morning, even though Bersatu pulled out at the last minute. PBRS announced they will be contesting five seats this afternoon.

The parties that have confirmed contesting under BN’s logo instead of PN’s are Umno, PBRS and MCA.

Collectively, BN will be contesting at least 36 seats, and this could increase once MCA announces their candidates later today.

Hajiji was coy about weighing into the clash, claiming that he had yet to get the list of candidates from non-PN parties even though they are already widely publicised in the media.

Aswadi Alias/NST

However, Hajiji concurred that if there were to be clashes, one of the parties should drop out to allow a direct fight against the Warisan-Pakatan Harapan-Upko alliance.

Interestingly, the PN announcement today only saw the participation of three parties, namely Bersatu, Star and SAPP.

Azneal Ishak/Malaysiakini

SAPP is not part of the PN-led federal government but is being co-opted by PN in Sabah, which could lead to clashes with BN’s MCA as both parties focus on constituencies with a substantial Chinese population.

Another notable development was the absence of PAS at PN’s announcement. It was also absent from BN-Umno’s announcement this morning.

Overall, only two parties in the ruling federal government will contest under the PN logo, namely Bersatu and Star.

Umno, MCA, PBRS, PAS and PBS are also part of the PN-led federal government but won’t be using the PN logo in Sabah.