Police deny Zayn Rayyan victim of abuse

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There were no signs of old injuries due to abuse found on the body of the autistic boy Zayn Rayyan Abdul Matiin, according to Selangor police chief Hussein Omar Khan.

He, therefore, refuted claims by some parties that Zayn Rayyan was a victim of abuse.

“No signs of abuse were found on the victim’s body. His parents had taken good care of him. Speculations that he was abused are incorrect. The public is advised not to make baseless statements that could disrupt the police investigation and the family’s sensitivity,” Hussein told reporters when met at Apartment Idaman.

Hussein added that 50 police personnel are involved in the task force set up to investigate the case.

While acknowledging that the police currently have very limited information for the investigation, Hussein said the police will do their best until the perpetrator of the case is apprehended.

“So far, we have recorded some statements and have sent some evidence to the Chemistry Department. The fingerprint results and the results of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing will be obtained in the next two to three days,” he said.

Furthermore, Hussein said that they would expand the radius of the investigation area along the stream where the unfortunate child was found.

He also said that they have flown drones in the area this afternoon to map and identify potential rat routes that could be used to enter and exit the area.

“The police are also gathering information on this case from house to house. There are 18 blocks in this apartment complex, housing 2,484 units, and so far, we have completed interviews with residents in three blocks, and it will be continued until all are completed,” he said.

When asked if the police would use the database of child sexual offenders developed by the Women, Family, and Community Development Ministry in the investigation, Hussein said that they are collaborating with the police’s database to identify suspects.


This morning, more investigators and officers believed to be from the Forensics Unit as well as IPK Selangor and Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department gathered at the scene where the boy’s remains were found on Wednesday night.

Officers and personnel were seen combing the site again for any possible clues or signs which could help in the ongoing investigation.

The search has been expanded from the initial scene to along the waterway.

Forensic officers were also seen installing lights. There are only four CCTV cameras in the area, with none near where the body was found.

Where children used to scurry about, laugh, play and fish, there was only quiet.

A resident who took part in the search said parents had stopped their children from playing outside and kept them home after news broke of the murder.

He said his elderly mother had also started scolding children, telling them to go home quickly.

“Before, the children would be playing all over, especially at the bridge where they would go fishing,” he said.

Yesterday, police officers were the only ones there, busy taking note of parked cars with dashcams.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid, who was at the scene, said the police have met the parents for a second time to get additional information.

Others who called in included the person who had found the body.

“Our focus is to find statements that could assist us in identifying a suspect,” he said, adding that police would continue the search here until they could find any positive leads.

“It’s not just people who stay here who know the area. Those who had previously rented here would know it well too,” he added.

The boy’s neighbours and his school administrators will also be interviewed to aid in the investigation.

Nor Haizam Hidir, a representative of the apartment joint management body, said no CCTVs were installed around the apartment blocks. The four that have been installed are located at the entrance, exit, the walkway of Block J, and near the surau.

“However, there are residents who have installed their own CCTVs,” he said, adding that the area where the body was found was outside the jurisdiction of the management.

He did not know if it was government or privately owned land.

“If there are children playing there, maybe only those in Block R would know,” he said.

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