Police Insist Missing Irish Teen Still in Jungle, but Orang Asli Community Claim Otherwise

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Investigators believe that missing Irish teenager with specials needs, Nora Anne Quoirin, 15, is still within the jungle vicinity despite claims by the Orang Asli community that she was no longer in the surrounding area, where search efforts are currently ongoing.

Negri Sembilan deputy police chief SAC Che Zakaria Othman said police have not obtained any other information or leads that suggest other possibilities.

“We believe she is still in the vicinity because there is no other information or clue to say she has left the area,” he said this evening at the Pantai police station.

When asked to comment on Nora’s family insisting that she was abducted, Zakaria said: “Even though we are investigating the case as a missing person, we are not ruling out any other criminal possibility at this point.

Iqmal Haqim Rosman/NST

“We are investigating more than that. We have all the relevant team roped in – the forensics, CID, K9 unit – not just the cops.

“So we are not ruling out any other possibilities, but until now we have not obtained any leads to classify the case otherwise. That is why we are still investigating her disappearance as a missing persons case,” he said.

Zakaria added that Nora’s family is probably adamant that she has been abducted as their emotions are still running high.

“We have to understand their situation, especially with the learning disabilities their daughter has.

“If we were in their situation, we would feel the same,” he said.

When asked how long investigators believe Nora could survive in the jungle, Zakaria said: “There is water around the jungle area, but because she’s from Europe, I’m not sure of her body’s immunity.

“If for the Orang Asli, no problem they can drink any type of water and survive,” he said.

Zakaria also confirmed this is the first time Nora has gone missing from the family.

He also said police have recorded the statements of 20 individuals to facilitate investigations.

Earlier this morning, Malay Mail spoke to several local villagers from the Orang Asli community.

They claimed to have joined the police in their search and are convinced Nora is no longer around the area, urging the police to widen the area of investigation.

One of the locals who only wants to be known as “Pak” said the surrounding jungle is their “playground” since they were born here and they know the place well.

Hasnoor Hussain/TMI

Pak said there were two cases of missing persons before this around the resort and with the help of the locals, they managed to find both within 24 hours.

“It is Day Four now, impossible she is still here. Even if she fainted or anything untoward happened while she is lost…the police canine (K9) unit would have detected her scent.


“Furthermore, we ourselves searched all the difficult areas and showed the search team, the vicinity around the search zone where the terrain is difficult and dangerous,” Pak said while taking a break from the search this afternoon.

Another local who also wished to remain anonymous said if Nora had wandered off she wouldn’t have gone too deep into the jungle as there was hilly terrain which would have made her feel weak after trekking for some time.

“Doesn’t make sense if she lost her way and continued hiking upwards to the hilly jungle area.

“If she is still around, she would be wandering near the 2km river down the hill or by the roadside.

“So my point is the police have searched all the area around the hilly terrain, impossible for Nora to keep moving up and down several times,” he said.

Another local also told Malay Mail the lax security at the resort could mean an unknown individual was in the area.

“There are no security guards at The Dusun area or proper CCTV to watch the surroundings. There are also easy exits even if the main gate is locked.

“I was also told by the police on the particular day of the incident that the main gate was not locked. So it could be anyone coming in and out,” he said, adding that he hoped the police will now widen investigations into other possibilities.

The Fire and Rescue Department is still searching within the river area again in hopes of Nora returning to get water.

Hasnoor Hussain/TMI

The Seremban Fire and Rescue station chief Mohammad Idris said though they have already searched the river for the past three days, the team found nothing positive but assured that they will still continue with their efforts today.

“We hope she will return or find her way to get some water as this is the only river here.

“Today we also deployed our divers to intensify the search,” he told Malay Mail.

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