PPBM Man Says Allies Should Be as Big-Hearted as PAS

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A member of PPBM’s leadership has praised the decision by PAS to step aside for the sake of its coalition allies in the Sabah state assembly election.

Muhammad Faiz Na’ama, a member of PPBM’s Supreme Council, said other allies in Perikatan Nasional should emulate PAS’ big-hearted attitude, and its understanding of the importance of consensus on the same platform.


The key here is diplomacy and partnership, based on local socio-political realities so that all parties feel the spirit of “togetherness”, he said.

The PAS Youth wing said today it accepted the party’s decision to give way to its allies in BN-PN in the Sabah election.

Wing leader Khairil Nizam Khirudin said that although no PAS candidate was contesting, the party would still use its election machinery to help ensure victory for the candidate representing BN-PN.

He also reminded all Sabahans that the election would shape Sabah’s future. Issues that arose recently, such as the lack of infrastructure or access to the internet, were proof of the need for a progressive and united state government.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had said the decision not to contest was made to preserve the consensus and take into account the political implications in the future.

There are 73 seats to be contested at the state election.

Umno has said it would contest 31 while PN, comprising PPBM, STAR and SUPP, is expected to contest 29. The other seats will be contested by PBRS (5), MCA (4) and PBS (15).

BN chairman Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said earlier today that party leaders had agreed to negotiate so that there would be no clashes with each other.

Nomination of candidates will take place tomorrow. Polling day is Sept 26. – FMT