Preacher draws flak for saying nothing to be proud of Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar

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Controversial preacher Syed Mohd Bakri Syed Ishak has drawn flak online for saying that Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s best actress Oscar award was “nothing to be proud of”.

“What’s to be proud of in an Oscar award?,” questioned Syed Mohd Bakri, who is popularly known as PU Syed.

“How does it make Malaysia proud? What is there to be proud of?

“We cannot be proud of something that doesn’t benefit Islam. Let them be proud of that achievement, but not us those who are of faith,” he said in an Instagram post.

The post was put up on Tuesday (March 14) and has received over 1,700 likes.

“You should have shown an example as a Muslim. Did she bring you towards evil?

“Did she embarrass and mock Islam? Did she touch even a little on Islam? Not at all, right?

“As a Muslim, I’m ashamed of you,” commented Instagram user syaz_943.

Another commenter, nanaazhar_ asked PU Syed to clam up.

“Syed. Can you shut up for a bit? According to you, everything is not right and not allowed. It makes people of different faiths more annoyed, you know that?” she wrote.

Instagram user nurlizzh questioned how people would be attracted to the teachings of Islam if a religious teacher (Ustaz) has too many negative perceptions about others.

“What’s wrong with saying congratulations? If you don’t agree, it’s better to be quiet than to say things that can hurt others,” she commented.

Syed’s controversial stance is the latest of several, including slamming popular K-Pop girl group Blackpink for having a concert here last month, praying for floods to ruin it.

In 2019, he sparked a backlash of criticism after calling K-Pop boy band BTS demonic and said their music would only lead Malaysians astray.