Perak Mufti: KK Mart’s offence against Islam unproven

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Perak Mufti Datuk Seri Wan Zahidi Wan Teh today said that Muslims in the country should refrain from boycotting establishments such as KK Super Mart because the act departs from the concept of Islamic jurisprudence.

According to the Islamic judicial methods, Wan Zahidi pointed out that one of the important pillars in criminal behaviour is the intention and desire to do it, or “alqasdul jinaei” (criminal intent).

He said that this element cannot be proven through “shahadah” (direct evidence), but only by confession or via the “qarainul ahwal” method of proof (circumstantial evidence).

“From the explanation by KK Super Mart and also their open apology plus their explanation to the Malaysia Islamic Development Department, it is clear that motive and intention in this case is unproven.


“Hence, based on Islamic jurisprudence, accusations of insulting Islam against KK Super Mart are unproven,” he said in a statement.

Wan Zahidi also stressed that the principle of universal justice has a sacred position in Islam and it emphasises that justice is upheld and delivered to anyone who is entitled regardless of race.

“When the issue was sensationalised and fomented sentiments of anger and hatred, the way it was handled had strayed far from the principles of Islamic justice for all,” he said.