Quoirin Family Incensed at Media’s Overture

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The family of Nora Anne Quoirin, 15, who went missing since Sunday, were incensed when local and international journalists tried to approach them for interviews at The Dusun resort.

Journalists found four people, believed to be the family members of the victim, when they walked out of the resort heading towards Gunung Berembun accompanied by a local woman.

When approached, a man who was believed to be the father of the victim, scolded the media practitioners who tried to take their photographs.

Iqmal Haqim Rosman

“No picture! Please stop the recording. What if this happens to your family?” he said.

Journalists complied, but efforts to get a statement from the family since Quoirin was reported missing have been unsuccessful.

Their intention in heading to Gunung Berembun was also not known.

Journalists, photographers and cameramen from numerous media agencies had started to gather at the entrance route of the resort from 7am, with some spending the night close to the resort.

The media are not allowed to enter the resort compound.

Meanwhile, the search and rescue (SAR) operations continued to be the focus of local and international media.

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