RapidKL’s Issues with Bad-Mannered Commuters

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Rapid KL hits out at poor etiquette among commuters using its trains.

Netizens recently expressed their disappointment at irresponsible behaviour by certain commuters on the new MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line, with a parent hanging a baby cradle on a train railing and children standing on the bench.

Now, RapidKL has taken to social media to highlight some examples of inconsiderate behaviour among its passengers.

Posts on its Facebook page include a picture of a man using the horizontal handrails in the train as if they were gym pull-up bars.

“These handlebars may be tempting for you to do chin-ups but bro, keep the gym workout at the gym,” RapidKL said.

In another post, a passenger is seen occupying two seats with his legs stretched out.

“Please refrain from putting your legs up on the seat for the comfort of others. Be an exemplary passenger who has etiquette when using public transport. You are our hero,” it said.

On yet another post, a youth is seen eating.

RapidKL reminds passengers that eating or drinking on the trains is prohibited.

On a fourth post, a woman has placed her bags on the seats next to her, depriving passengers who were standing places to sit.

“To our loving passengers (if you are still unaware), plastic bags do not require a special seat on the train. Do give the unoccupied seat to a person who needs it,” RapidKL said.

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