Selangor MB, Wife Apologise over Water Tanker at Their Residence, Swimming Pool Posts

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Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari has apologised over a photograph showing a water tanker at his residence, which went viral on social media.

Amirudin said his wife, Masdiana Muhammad, had posted the photo online to show her appreciation for Air Selangor.

Faiz Anuar/NST

“Certain quarters have used this photograph to attack me. However, my wife and I wish to apologise,” he was quoted as saying.

He said he hoped the people would not harp on it.

Masdiana apologised yesterday for her Instagram posts that gave the impression that a water tanker was sent to the couple’s home to fill their swimming pool.

She said this was not the case, adding that she made the mistake by posting a photo of a water tanker at the same time she posted one of people in a pool with the caption “bila air takde” (when there’s no water).

The pictures were uploaded at a time when Klang Valley residents are experiencing days of an unscheduled water cut.

Netizens have been venting their frustration over how certain VIPs were accorded special treatment when the state is facing a water shortage due to pollution.

Checks today showed that Masdiana’s Instagram account has been set to private.

“I am aware of my mistake in posting those pictures, which led to a lot of misinterpretation,” she said on Facebook.

“The allegation that the tanker was sent to fill the swimming pool is completely untrue.

“I apologise if the photos have caused misunderstanding and hurt feelings.”

She said her posts were intended to express gratitude to Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd workers for delivering water to affected residents.