Shafie: PKR Leader Leaving Hall Could Be Misinterpretation

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Warisan president Shafie Apdal said that Sabah PKR chief Christina Liew had sought his permission before leaving the hall during the announcement of Warisan Plus candidates yesterday.

Shafie said Liew leaving the hall at the Sabah International Convention Centre was not done abruptly, and certain quarters could have misinterpreted her actions.

“Actually, she did not leave just like that. I asked her, do you have a list (of candidates)? She said no. She said she had other matters to attend to.

“Maybe it was misinterpreted. Because she actually asked for my permission to leave. She said: Datuk Seri, I have a programme which I have to manage.


“I said: just go,” Shafie told the media in Semporna today.

Yesterday, PKR was only given seven seats at the candidate naming ceremony, namely Api-Api, Inanam, Tempasuk, Tamparuli, Matunggong, Klias, and Sook.

For the record, PKR previously expressed its intention to contest 14 seats.

Liew and her group’s action of leaving the hall had caught the attention of the media. When asked, Liew refused to comment and said that she was going to the restroom.

Liew and several PKR representatives then returned to the hall, but she was nowhere to be found during the photography session of the candidates.

Sabah PKR had expected that Warisan would hand over the Kemabong, Membakut, and Petagas seats to them. However, Kemabong was handed to Upko, while Warisan would continue to contest in Membakut and Petagas.

PKR also sought to contest in four of 13 new state seats namely Segama, Limbahau, Sungai Manila, and Pintasan. It was announced that those would be contested by Warisan. – Malaysiakini