Should You Get Excited About the iPhone X?

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It’s Apple’s hottest new thing – the iPhone ‘ten’, not iPhone ‘ex’. 

Apple unveiled the iPhone X yesterday as a $999 flagship phone to stand above the also-announced iPhone 8, which continues the ceaseless improvements in the iPhone line.

At this point of time, it is unclear what’s up with the iPhone 9.

Like all Apple devices, the iPhone X was presented as a revolutionary piece of technology every bit as revolutionary as the original iPhone, with the company saying it plans to base the next decade of iPhone design around it.

But is it really such an impressive concept?

If you’re not obsessed with their particularities, it’s worth wondering whether or not you should actually care about the iPhone X.

That it is a striking piece of hardware is for sure; it has a virtually indistinguishable bezel – the stuff you see in a sci-fi film where people flick images around on translucent pieces of paper.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images

It’s pretty, with an OLED screen that Apple calls a “super retina” display – but it can be found on other phones.

From a functionality viewpoint, the iPhone X’s biggest differentiators concern the forward-facing sensors and high-end camera designed to build a realistic model of your face, useful for unlocking your phone with your face and for turning facial expressions into animated emojis – a neat trick and likely to be hugely fun.


But it’s not the sort of feature that you can build a device around.

Apple touts the security aspects of Face ID, arguing that it’s more secure than Touch ID despite the creepiness factor. Also, don’t forget how it failed in its first public demo.

Aside from that, the iPhone X shares many of the features with the iPhone 8, among them wireless charging, impressive Augmented Reality integration, better processors, and waterproofing.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The iPhone has been a prestige device from Day One, and that’s what the iPhone X is, as well. It’s a premium handset with a price tag to match, built with some neat features in mind but none of them quite so striking as the physical design that tells the world you are holding the finest Apple has to offer.


So should you care?

If a pretty device designed with luxury in mind rather than something wholly new is your kind of thing, go ahead and get excited.

For those less concerned about form than function, then probably not.

Also, there is the question of prudence in splurging on a pricey gadget in these tough economic times.

Whatever the case may be, iPhone X will still sell out in an instant.