Singapore Extends Circuit Breaker to June 1

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The Government will extend the circuit breaker for four more weeks until June 1, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced today.

In the next two weeks — until May 4 when the circuit breaker was originally scheduled to end — the authorities will tighten certain measures. “Then, provided we have brought the community numbers down, we can make further adjustments and consider easing some measures,” said Lee, who was speaking in a live telecast on television, radio and the internet.

Some hotspots such as popular wet markets, where large groups of people continue to gather, will “impose entry restrictions to thin out the crowds even more”.

More workplaces will be closed, “so that only the most essential services will remain open”, said Lee.

“This will reduce further the number of workers keeping essential services going, and minimise the risks of transmission among the workers,” he said.

He noted that the move will mean some degradation of services – for example, less frequent grass cutting in the Housing and Development Board estates.

“But I hope we all understand why this has to be done,” Lee said.

Lee pointed out that the Government will not be able to completely lift the restrictions after May 4 and go back to business as usual — which was why there is a need to extend the circuit breaker.

Lee also urged all Singaporeans to stay home.

“Go out only for essential needs, like buying food or groceries. Otherwise, please stay at home,” he said. “If you do need to go out, then go by yourself, not as a group or as a family.”

He added: “Even when exercising outside, do so only by yourself, and only in your neighbourhood. Remember: it is not just about adhering to the letter of the law.”

Calling on Singaporeans to do their part, Mr Lee said they should go to the market on weekdays rather than weekends, “and don’t bring your whole family with you for grocery shopping”.

He stressed that the “spirit of the guidelines is to reduce movement to a minimum, and to avoid being out and about in the community”.

When you run errands, go out alone, get what you need, and return home straightaway.

Lee reiterated that the authorities “want to bring down the community numbers decisively”.

“We also want to make sure that if any leakage occurs from the dorms to the wider community, we can detect and contain it early, and prevent new clusters from forming and bursting out of control,” he said.

To achieve these two objectives, everyone must all hunker down and press on with the tight circuit breaker measures, Mr Lee said. — TODAY