Swee Bok’s Family Members Cremated

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Inconsolable when he read out the eulogy for his loved ones, bereaved Swee Bok kept calm during the rest of the funeral rites.

Yesterday, Tanjung MCA Youth chief Lim Swee Bok laid four of his family members to rest.

In the morning, prayers were held for Lim Jia Yinn, 8, and her brother Lim Yin Chun, 9, at the Sri Saujana Flats, Lebuh Macallum as part of the ceremony.

Some 100 relatives and friends, including the children’s teachers and schoolmates, as well as representatives from the Penang State Youth Council attended the funeral.


Many who were there for the children’s final send-off broke down in tears, especially the children’s maternal grandmother, Chen Li Hua, who flew in from China.

The SJK(C) Li Tek A school band played the children’s favourite song ‘Manual of Youth’ (Qing Chun Xiu Lian Shou Ce) by Chinese boy band TFBoys, and ‘Friendship Lasts Forever’ (You Yi Wan Sui).

Mikail Ong

Two hearses carrying their coffins left the Sri Saujana Flats at 10.30am for the Batu Gantung crematorium.


Swee Bok was seen holding back tears while staring at the casket of his two children as they were pushed into the incinerator at about 11.10am.

After witnessing the cremation ceremony, he returned to the Sri Saujana Flats to prepare for the funeral of his 35-year-old wife Chen Yan and 62-year-old mother Lau Sai Poh.

Swee Bok calmly read Buddhist scriptures and chanted dharma throughout the funeral proceeding.

The only time he was inconsolable was when he read out the eulogy before the final rites of his mother and wife, conveying his thanks to them and pledging to continue his life as strong as he can.


Lim also dedicated the song ‘Tian Mi Mi’ (Sweet Love) to his wife, which was played by the funeral band, and to his mother, her favourite theme song of Taiwanese soap opera ‘Yi Nan Wang’ (The Unforgettable Memory).

Masry Che Ani/Sunpix

During the funeral service, Swee Bok thanked various parties, including Prime Minister Najib Razak and wife, Rosmah Mansor, Barisan Nasional leaders and MCA members as well as the media.

“The media reports will make society realise the importance of love and care, and also improve the awareness of fire hazards,” he said.

The remains of his wife and mother arrived at the crematorium at around 3.30pm.

Among those present at the cremation ceremony were MCA Youth chief Datuk Chong Sin Woon, state MCA leaders and representatives from the state government as well as Chinese local associations and societies.

The ashes of the four deceased will be placed at the Nirvana Penang West Lake Garden at the foothill of Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam. 

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