Taib Mahmud’s wife files police complaint against Sarawak private hospital

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Countering ‘abduction’ claim.

Raghad Kurdi Taib has filed a police report countering earlier claims and denying her husband, former Sarawak chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, “absconded” from Normah Specialist Hospital in Kuching earlier this month.

In a statement released to the media today, she said the allegations in the report filed on Feb 4 were “demonstrably false and deeply concerning”.

“As the wife and carer of Taib, I place my husband’s health and well-being as the utmost priority and would never undertake uninformed action to jeopardise his recovery,” she said.

According to Raghad, her statement today is intended to refute some recent reports and aimed to clarify the following:

“Taib was not ‘absconded’ from Normah Hospital. Following the doctor in charge, Dr Tan Sian Kong’s clearance for discharge on Feb 3, I informed him of Taib’s scheduled appointment with Dr Rosli at CVS Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

“Dr Tan approved his discharge and deemed him fit for travel. Dr Tan’s referral letter to CVS Kuala Lumpur Hospital further substantiates the legitimacy of the discharge and planned admission.

“The decision to bring Taib home was based on informed consent and his right to opt for his best care. All the necessary discharge documents according to the hospital’s procedure have been signed and all relevant hospital personnel were aware of the discharge.

“In the comfort of his own home, he has 24-hour medical support (including staffed nurses and scheduled doctor visits), necessary equipment, and medication for care and recuperation while awaiting admission to CVS Kuala Lumpur Hospital under Dr Rosli’s care,” she said.

Raghad also said that claims of voluntary removal of medications by herself without alerting the staff on duty are completely untrue.

“Requests for assistance in removing medical devices were ignored by hospital staff despite repeated calls for assistance.

“The poor treatment and inconsistent medical advice are a serious issue that needs to be looked into and investigated by the hospital.

“The false accusations have caused unnecessary stress and confusion,” she added.

She said she has filed a police report to refute the claims and protect Taib’s privacy and right to choose his medical care.

“We are fully prepared to cooperate with the police in any investigation and will pursue legal action against Normah Hospital if necessary.

“I urge the public to disregard misleading reports and respect Taib’s right to privacy and informed medical decisions,” she said.

Taib was reportedly being treated at Normah Medical Specialist Centre’s intensive care unit when Raghad allegedly removed him from the hospital on the evening of Feb 3.

According to a police report lodged by a doctor, she allegedly removed all medications attached to Taib without alerting hospital staff.

He was then put in a wheelchair and brought out of the hospital.

A second police report by another family member of Taib’s was reportedly lodged on Sunday, Feb 4, based on the first report.

According to the second police report, none of Taib’s siblings or four children were made aware of his whereabouts and health condition.

Following this, Raghad issued a statement on Instagram denying she took her husband out of the hospital against doctors’ advice.

She claimed to have proof in the form of a handwritten nurse’s note.

She later alleged that she was the target of malicious slander which sought to tarnish her image.

Raghad also denied accusations that she was planning to flee the country.

Inspector-general of police Razarudin Husain then responded on Feb 7, saying the allegations that Taib had been abducted from the hospital were absurd.

On Feb 11, he followed up by saying that Taib was receiving treatment at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

Taib served as Sarawak’s fourth chief minister from 1981 before being appointed as Sarawak’s seventh governor in 2014. He was supposed to remain in office until the end of this month.

However, his term as governor was cut short with the appointment of former Senate president Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar last month. – MMO