Teen receives rape threat from classmate after exposing male teacher’s joke

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The 17-year-old student who highlighted rape jokes made by a male teacher at a Kuala Selangor school last Friday said she has since received a rape threat from her classmate.

“Yes, I got a rape threat from one of my male schoolmates at school. I cried. #MakeSchoolASaferPlace.

“Nevertheless, boys like him are exactly the reason why I continue my fight, teachers that continuously ‘infect’ that kind of mindset into boys need to be purged from our education system,” said Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam in a Twitter posting today.


She also retweeted a comment by another Twitter user, “Suresh”, who said: “The teacher enabled this threat to happen. In fact, our whole education system did.”

Her father, Saiful Nizam, also posted on Facebook about the rape threat her daughter received, saying he will lodge a separate police report over this.

On Saturday, he had lodged a police report about the inappropriate remarks made by the male teacher.

“Looks like there will be another report after my daughter got a rape threat from her classmate because they are unhappy about what happened and felt that it ‘sullies’ the good name of the school.

“Do you see? They do not agree and immediately threaten to rape. As simple as that. That’s ‘normal’ right? This mindset is said to be ‘normal’ by many whose opinions I receive on social media,” he said in his Facebook posting.

Saiful said he fully supported his daughter’s actions in raising awareness among the general public about the incident involving the male teacher.

His daughter’s actions, he said, is not meant to paint teachers as enemies, but to improve the system so that the same incident will not happen to others.

“This issue has received attention from all sorts of people (and) hopefully, this will be a turning point for the quality of our education and the society we are building for the future,” Saiful added.

It was also reported by Sinar Harian that he felt divided about allowing his daughter to go to school as usual on Monday, after he found out about the rape threat.

Ain had said she intends to lodge a complaint about the male teacher’s lewd remarks at her school on Monday.

Saiful reportedly said he will get the school’s response first, before lodging a complaint with the Education Ministry, even though he has been advised by friends to file an official complaint.

“On Monday, after going to the school, I will go to the district education office to get their response,” he said.

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