Tengku Zulpuri denies insulting Pahang royalty

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DAP deputy secretary general Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji has denied claims that he insulted Pahang royalty and linking them to former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak when he gave a talk in Mentakab recently.

“I don’t think (made any insults)… If you watch my speech, it’s very straightforward.

“I didn’t mention the Istana (Pahang royalty), just the ‘orang besar berempat’ Pahang.

“From what is understood, the four were among the hierarchy of dignitaries such as ‘orang besar berlapan’ and ‘orang besar enam belas.’

“I merely said that within the institution, there are ‘orang besar’ who are guilty,” he said at a press conference at the DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday (Oct 26).

He was asked to comment on several police reports lodged against him in Pahang.

Zulpuri said the reports against him were aimed at creating issues before the GE15.

Najib is one of the four orang besar berempat Pahang which carries the title Orang Kaya Indera Shah Bandar (OKISB).

The former prime minister had been seen attending Pahang royal’s events.

On Tuesday (Oct 25), 11 non-governmental organisations (NGO) lodged police reports against Zulpuri for allegedly insulting the Pahang royal institution during a recent talk.

Last Thursday, during a Pakatan Harapan ceramah in Mentakab, Zulpuri had claimed there were thieves among members of the Pahang palace, and that the Malays of the state should be ashamed of this.

“You should be ashamed, I am ashamed because the villain, the big thief, is from Pahang.

“Orang Besar Berempat Pahang is a thief, a palace member (orang Istana).

Firdaus Latif

“The Agong is from Pahang, the thief is also from Pahang, originating from the palace, the Orang Besar Berempat,” he said.

Zulpuri also appeared to implicate a Pahang “Tengku”, but it is unclear who the Tengku is.

Tengku is commonly used as a hereditary Malay name and title among those with royal ancestry.

However, as he clarified today, the Orang Besar Berempat is a reference to Najib.