Teresa Kok tells Khairy, Ismail to talk to each other and stop confusing public with conflicting statements

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Referring to yesterday’s announcements made by Khairy and Ismail on the places traced as hotspots by the HIDE system.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok has urged ministers Khairy Jamaluddin and Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob to get their act together following another episode of U-turn’s concerning Covid-19 SOPs.

The DAP MP said both Umno ministers have confused the public with their contradictory statements, proving they have not been working or communicating properly.

“The contradictory statements made by Khairy and Ismail in the last two instances showed that they have failed to communicate and failed to understand each other’s concerns before they made public statements.


“On top of that, both ministers have failed to understand the consequences of the statements that they issued,” the Seputeh MP said in a statement.

She pointed out yesterday’s fiasco where Khairy the science, technology and innovation minister said areas under Hotspot Identification for Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) were not Covid-19 clusters and need not close unless told so by authorities.

Following that, Ismail the defence minister, in his statements said that all premises under HIDE were to shut down immediately for three days.

Prior to that, when announcing the SOPs for the movement control order (MCO) 3.0, Ismail said those with vaccine appointments need police permissions to cross state and district lines.

Moments later, Khairy rebuked this with a tweet stating that those with appointments need only show their appointment schedule on their MySejahtera app to cross over.

“Better communication and coordination between the two Cabinet ministers, the government servants together with the affected sectors are most essential. A mutually coordinated action will remove all unnecessary confusion, as it has caused now.

“At least the public and businesses will be able to go about their lives and businesses without undue uncertainty,” Kok said.

Kok also said the contradictory announcements invited objections from the Malaysia Shopping Malls Association, Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) and Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA).

“The reaction from these three associations is expected. How can the government give them less than 24 hours’ notice to close down more than 150 shopping complexes?

“Thousands of businesses in these locations are totally unprepared for the sudden ‘shutdown’,” she said.