The Anwar-Mahathir Impasse: Chronology According to PKR

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PKR treasurer-general Lee Chean Chung today gave a conflicting version of events concerning Pakatan Harapan’s first meeting to hash out the impasse on who should become prime minister if the coalition regains power.

According to the Semambu assemblyperson, Harapan’s meeting on May 30 only saw one option – the coalition endorsing PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister.

This ran contrary to Amanah and DAP’s version, which said while they endorsed Anwar as prime minister during the May 30 meeting, it was agreed that the fallback was for disputed Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohaamd to become prime minister if Anwar couldn’t get the numbers to form the government.

“That meeting arrived at the conclusion that if the first option, which is to name Anwar as the PM candidate, did not work for regaining power, then the second option which is to name Mahathir as PM and Anwar as deputy PM would be taken,” Amanah and DAP had said in a statement.

However, Lee said PKR’s version of events is as follow:

May 30: Harapan meeting

Harapan resolved for Anwar to be the prime ministerial candidate. No other options were discussed.

June 1: Meeting with Mahathir

Harapan representatives Mohamad Sabu (Amanah), Anthony Loke (DAP) and Saifuddin Nasution (PKR) met with Mahathir to inform him of the Harapan resolution. Mahathir did not object.

June 9: First Harapan Plus meeting

Harapan informed the meeting that Anwar would be the prime ministerial candidate. Mahathir and Warisan president Safie Apdal proposed Mahathir serves as prime minister for six months.

June 13: Second Harapan Plus meeting

Harapan reiterated Anwar is the prime ministerial candidate. Mahathir and Shafie Apdal proposed Mahathir becomes prime minister for a year. Amanah and DAP left the matter for Anwar to decide after an impasse.

June 17: Impasse revealed to the public

DAP went public after no decision from PKR following the June 16 deadline. DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke said would move forward once Anwar makes a decision.

June 19: PKR formally rejects Mahathir

The PKR supreme council meeting decided against working with Mahathir. It expressed appreciation to its partners and maintained Anwar as the prime ministerial candidate. Amanah and DAP questioned PKR’s position, claiming that Harapan had decided on Mahathir as a fallback if Anwar couldn’t get the numbers.

Lee, in a Facebook post, said Harapan is the core organisation and any consensus should first be achieved within the coalition before being brought to other meetings, such as the Harapan Plus meeting.

“If Harapan had already accepted option two (Mahathir as prime minister), why is there a need for Loke to ask PKR to make a decision in public?” he said.

He added that Mahathir is no longer part of Harapan and his candidacy for the top job would mean the prime minister is not from Harapan.

“With these facts, the question is – who is the one that has sidelined Harapan’s spirit?” he said. – Malaysiakini