TMJ Claims His and Johor Sultan’s FB Postings Being ‘Monitored’

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The Crown Prince of Johor has alleged that he and his father Johor Ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar are “being monitored”.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim also claimed that cybertroopers were active on their personal and Johor Southern Tigers Facebook pages.

“It is not nice when officials come to me saying that my father, the Sultan and Johor and I are being monitored. And that there are cybertroopers planted, waiting in case there is something that does not go down well with certain higher-ups.

“Yes, I am vocal and that is simply because I care for Johor and its people. I will not stand still if there are certain parties trying to take advantage of the people of Johor or break this unique unity we have,” he said in a Facebook post on Sunday (Sept 9).

Tunku Ismail said he was recently approached by an individual to purchase an Israeli-made device to spy on people and gather intelligence – which he claimed the government also possesses.

He added that the technology was also used “pre-election” without specifying which polls these were.

Tunku Ismail also posted screenshots of the device’s functions, which could remotely access a personal computer, as well as WhatsApp and email accounts.

“With this capability, the appropriate government agency supplies a target list of active email accounts and mobile numbers and we provide a daily update of all activities on a Mac/PC, WhatsApp messages and emails,” the description read.

Among its detection capabilities are unlimited access to mobile devices and to operate it, intercept calls, overcome encrypted content and devices and monitor other applications such as Skype, Viber, WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger and Blackberry Messenger.

There is also a service called Captur, which can intercept phone calls on cellular networks with “excellent audio quality”.

The description also stated that Captur could be combined with another service called Observer on a single platform.

Observer has the ability to locate, track and manipulate potential suspects, known criminals and terrorists covertly and remotely anywhere in the world.

Tunku Ismail added that several government officials had told him that several top-level government agencies had been using the device.

“When it comes to national security, I think it is something we need but these devices should not be used by individuals for personal gain.

“I know the former government used this but this is supposed to be Malaysia Baru (new Malaysia). It is no place for such practices any longer.


“Let me be clear, I have nothing against the government. Johor has always had the policy of supporting the ruling government. That said, we will give our support when the right things are done, yet we will not be silent when wrongs are committed,” he said.

Tunku Ismail added that the only thing people want to see is the government prioritising progress. – The Star