Trailer lorry driver in fiery death of 5 students had 9 JPJ offences

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The trailer lorry driver arrested in connection with a fiery accident killing five students on the North-South Expressway northbound at midnight on Wednesday has nine offences in Road Transport Department (JPJ) records with eight “settled” and another still active.

JPJ headquarters, in a statement today, said the results of a check in the JPJ mySIKAP system database found that the record of offences with 12 demerit points under the Demerit Points System For Traffic Offences (Kejara) could effect the suspension or revocation of a driving licence.

“Investigation under the audit of the Occupational Safety and Health Industry Code of Practice for Road Transport Activities 2010 (ICOP), together with the Land Public Transport Agency (Apad), are being implemented to determine the form of legal action that can be taken.

“If the result of an investigation from ICOP finds that a driver and operator has failed to comply with the conditions and service permits by Apad and JPJ, the operator’s permit and licence can be suspended or revoked based on the provisions under the Land Public Transport Act 2010.

“Meanwhile, action to suspend the driving licence can be taken by JPJ based on the provisions of the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333) if the driver is charged in court (and found guilty),” the statement said.

According to the statement, police investigations will also determine the charge under Section 41 (1) of Act 333 on the driver for court punishment and the driver will be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for a period determined by the court.

The statement also said RTD viewed the incident seriously and would not compromise on any non-compliance by commercial vehicle operators.

“All company operators, drivers and owners of commercial vehicles are advised to comply with all road rules and regulations for road safety while creating a safe road ecosystem in this country,” the statement said.

Police remanded the 28-year-old trailer lorry driver for four days, starting yesterday, for an investigation into the fatal accident at Km245.2 of the North-South Expressway northbound, which killed five Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS) students – who were also housemates – after their car caught fire in the collision.

They were Nasrun Aidol Munir Akbar, 22, who was driving the car, Ahmad Naim Najmi Ahmad Hafizan, 21, front passenger, and (three rear passengers) Nabil Haikal Muhammad Fariz, 19, Ahmad Akmal Ahmad Mokhlis, 20 and Iqbal Hasnun Halimi, 23.

Preliminary police investigations found that the collision occurred while a trailer lorry carrying a load of mosaic tiles was heading north on the right lane as the left lane from Km246 to 244.4 was closed for road maintenance.

The students, in a Honda City, were behind the trailer lorry.

Another trailer lorry, carrying iron railings, travelling in the same direction behind the car could not brake in time and crashed into the back of the car.

The trailer lorry then propelled the car forward until it crashed into the back of the mosaic-loaded trailer lorry. The car then burst into flames.

Meanwhile, a Taiping Hospital forensics team is using dental records to determine the identities of three of the five students.

Kuala Kangsar police chief Omar Bakhtiar Yaacob said the team has to do this because the bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

“The next of kin have provided samples for DNA tests, whose results will be sent for analysis to a chemistry department in Cheras.

“If there are similarities (between the dental records and remains), their identities can be ascertained. If not, we have to use the DNA method.”

He said the three victims’ post-mortems are completed and currently awaiting confirmation of dental records before the remains can be taken home for burial.

The other two victims were identified by family members via post-mortems at Kuala Kangsar Hospital last night.