TTN-NEWS Air Selangor: Water Cut to Last at Least 4 Days

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Up to 1.2 million water account holders in the Klang Valley will experience dry taps for the next four days as a result of industrial effluent pollution at Sungai Selangor.

Air Selangor chief executive officer Suhaimi Kamaralzaman said water supply will only resume when the Threshold Odour Number (TON) reading at the Sungai Selangor Water Treatment Plant Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Rantau Panjang falls to zero.

“Users will start to receive water supply in…the next four days.

“The treatment plants must show zero TON three consecutive times.

“Currently, it is still at 1 TON. But we are hopeful, since the number dropped from 3 TON yesterday.

Miera Zulyana

“My concern is that (not) everyone understands the magnitude of the problem. We are taking this seriously. It is not fair to consumers to get smelly water. We want clean water to get to the consumer. Their health and safety are paramount to Air Selangor,” he said during a press conference today.

TON is determined by diluting a sample of odorous water with odour-free water until the least definitely perceptible odour is achieved.