Two years on, Anwar still insists he had the numbers to form a govt

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is sticking to his now-infamous claim in 2020 that he had a “strong, formidable and convincing majority” to form a government.

The PKR president claimed, however, that he did not act on this because of “certain conditions” set by the politicians at the time.

He said that there was an agreement on the matter but there were conditions Pakatan Harapan could not accept.


“We rejected shallow racial policies, corruption and must follow the governance and leadership and above all, we were unwilling to allow intervention in matters involving the judiciary,” Anwar said in an exclusive interview with Malay language daily Sinar Harian and news portals The Vibes and Malaysiakini at his office in Bukit Gasing on Monday (April 18).

Anwar’s plans did not come to fruition even though he claimed in September 2020 that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s government had collapsed, which eventually only happened in August last year.

Anwar said although he made the announcement, he was unwilling to allow intervention in matters involving the judiciary – an institution he felt must be free and authoritative.

He added that he did not agree with “guarantees”‘ to allow the release of those involved in graft charges and that he was firm on this although it could scuttle his hopes of becoming prime minister.

He claimed he still had the support letters and the documents in his possession and would reveal them at a later date.

“The conditions were laid out from the beginning but I refused to budge, which was the root of it and I did not become the prime minister as I could not betray the trust of the people.” – The Star