Whistleblower’s lawyer: MACC should play no part in investigating Azam

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Police report lodged by MACC’s senior assistant commissioner “draws premature ‘know-all’ conclusions concerning his boss’s conduct even before the commencement of any probe into it”

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should play no part in investigating its chief Azam Baki over the share ownership scandal, lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon said today.

Manjeet, representing investigative journalist Lalitha Kunaratnam, said a police report filed by Mohan Munusamy, a senior assistant commissioner at the MACC “hardly inspires confidence” in any likely role it could play in the investigation.

Shahrin Yahya/The Edge

“Lalitha’s call is that this should be done by a credible and independent body with no hint of bias or conflict of interest, and one that inspires total public confidence in keeping with the status, role and responsibilities of the MACC in dealing with corruption in Malaysia,” Manjeet said in a statement.

Mohan’s report also drew premature “know all” conclusions with regards to Azam’s conduct, he added.

Lalitha was the researcher who wrote the information that former MACC consultation and corruption prevention panel member Edmund Terence Gomez shared with the panel’s chairman Borhan Dolah and the MACC’s Anti-Corruption Advisory Board chairman Abu Zahar Ujang in urging them to take action.

Lalitha also stands by the two articles she wrote, Manjeet said.

“Their content reiterates that the analysis therein is based on facts and information contained in the database of public records, regulatory reports and corporate financial filings.”

Prior to the articles being published on December 15, Lalitha had also written to Azam via WhatsApp on December 10 at 8.38am to get his side of the story.

“The request was repeated to Mohd Fadzil, Azam’s personal assistant, who confirmed at 9.23am that Azam would be reminded of Lalitha’s earlier request to meet with Azam on the articles in question.

“There was no response from either Azam or Fadzil.” – TMI