Woman claims cop at roadblock asked her why she was braless

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After a woman tweeted a complaint about how a policeman at a roadblock attempted “to get to know her better,” several others have taken to social media to detail their encounters.

In the latest incident, a woman lodged a police report claiming she was sexually harassed by a policeman while she was going through a roadblock along Jalan Duta today.

Ain Sabrina Yusof, 24, claimed she was asked by a policeman why she wasn’t wearing a bra. She said the policeman had asked her to lift up her blouse to avoid getting fined.

“I wasn’t wearing a bra, and then somehow the police notice it???” she tweeted, alleging that the cop asked her why she wasn’t wearing one, adding that she had also forgotten to bring her driver’s licence along.

She claimed that while one policeman took her identity card to the roadblock tent to check if it had a driver’s licence, the cop who asked her about her undergarment said, “Seriouslah you tak pakai bra, cuba bukak tunjuk, kalau you tunjuk i tak saman you.” (You’re seriously braless, why don’t you show me, if you do I won’t issue a summons.)

The cop, according to her, had also “insisted” on exchanging phone numbers despite her telling him she was uncomfortable.

She further alleged that the cop passed her his mobile phone and asked her to dial her own number to leave a missed call.

In her Twitter thread, the woman said she refused to entertain his requests and demanded that he issue her with a summons.

She also showed a copy of a police report she lodged over what transpired.

Sabrina, a systems analyst at a data consultancy company, said she was left shaken by the incident, adding that police should be protecting citizens, instead of harassing them.

“I was not only sexually harassed but forced to give him my number. I was threatened with a fine if I did not comply. What an abuse of power.

“I feel disgusted that women are seen as objects and we as the rakyat should feel protected. Instead, we are abused like this,” she was quoted as saying.

In the other incident which took place in Penang, a policeman was accused of contacting a woman whom he had stopped at a roadblock as he “wanted to get to know her better.”

The woman said she was on her way to purchase some groceries when the policeman stopped her at a roadblock.

She said he had then jotted down her details, including her phone and licence plate number.

She then said the policeman messaged her on WhatsApp shortly after. In a screenshot of the conversation attached to her tweet, the policeman had said he wanted to get to know her better.

Her tweets, which have since gone viral, encouraged other women to expose similar experiences when stopped by policemen at roadblocks during the movement control order.

Federal police Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) director, Datuk Zamri Yahya, said the department is probing both cases.

“At the moment, we are in the midst of identifying the two personnel involved based on the statements and information gathered.


“At the same time, Bukit Aman has already been in contact with both complainants to obtain more information on the policemen who allegedly harassed them in order to aid the JIPS investigation,” he was quoted as saying.

Zamri said JIPS will take the appropriate disciplinary action.

“The offences are a serious breach of conduct, as it can mar the image of the police.

“I would also like to issue a reminder to policemen and officers on duty that they need to be professional and not do anything unrelated to their official duties, either via their actions or speech,” he said.