Woman Labelled “Dog”, “Prostitute” on FB Lodges

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The newly minted Malaysian United Party (MUP) has lodged a police report against followers of a pro-DAP Facebook page for alleged cyber-bullying.

The Facebook page, ‘Support DAP with Contributions’ had on Sept 20 shared an article from a website – supportdap.online – which featured an interview with two MUP members on their newly-formed party.

The article was met with a torrent of abusive comments on the page, especially singling out one of the people interviewed in the article – MUP secretary-general Kee Lean Ee.

Apparently, two commenters on the page were particularly malicious, with one calling her a “dog” and the other labelling her a “prostitute”.

Mikail Ong/NST

“When I saw this, I immediately brought the matter to our president and he advised us to lodge a police report against the two,” Kee was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

Kee said she was deeply disappointed at being so nastily targeted on social media.

“What did I do to deserve this? In that interview, I did not make any negative comments about any other party.

“DAP should advise their followers to stop this cyber-bullying,” Kee said after lodging a report at the northeast district police headquarters in Jalan Patani, Penang, today.

Police advised Kee to file a report with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). She said would do so after seeking legal advice.

Launched in July, MUP said it is not linked to any political party and aims to provide a “check and balance” on both the ruling and opposition parties. It says it does not intend to contest in the forthcoming general election.