Women Ministry Apologises for Sexist MCO Advice

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The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has issued a public apology over a series of posters which triggered outrage among numerous quarters yesterday.

The online posters, which offered advice on how women could avoid domestic conflicts during the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO), were branded sexist and condescending by many.

In a statement, the ministry said that the MCO campaign’s messages were merely suggestions which were thought to be helpful in ensuring a harmonious household during the MCO.

“We have taken into account the response to the posters.

“They were merely suggestions…some tips on how dressing up while working from home can contribute to self-confidence and positivity.

“We are sorry if some of tips shared were inappropriate and touched on the sensitivities of some parties, and we will be more careful in the future,” its director-general Datuk Saidatu Akhma Hassan said in a statement.

Three of the four problematic posters have since been taken down from the ministry’s social media accounts.

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