Zahid ready to take ‘sumpah laknat’ denying ‘Muhyiddin’s lies’

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Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has denied seeking the help of Muhyiddin Yassin for criminal charges to be dropped against the Umno president, and is ready to take a “sumpah laknat” to back up the denial.

The former deputy prime minister also challenged Muhyiddin to take the same oath to prove his allegations.

“I never visited Muhyiddin when he was the prime minister to ask his help to have my court cases dropped, what more bringing piles of files and asking to be let off as claimed.

“Show proof of the truth. I am prepared to take a ‘sumpah laknat’ to deny Muhyiddin’s allegations against me.

“I want to ask if he is prepared to do the same. Take the ‘sumpah laknat’ to back up his allegation against me,” he said on Facebook.

A “sumpah laknat” is a Muslim oath asking for divine retribution in the form of a curse on the lying party.

Muhyiddin had during a ceramah in Tangkak on Feb 16 claimed that Zahid had, a few days after the Pagoh MP was sworn in as the prime minister in 2020, visited his home with piles of files.

“I asked him, what are these files? Zahid said ‘my case’.

“(Zahid said)’ Help Tan Sri (Muhyiddin), I did not do these things I was accused of,” Muhyiddin had said.

Muhyiddin said he refused to help, which prompted Zahid to back an effort to oust him as the prime minister.

He said Bersatu supreme council member Azmin Ali and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang happened to be at his home when Zahid turned up.

“People in Umno asked where’s the proof? I said it because it is the truth… There were witnesses.

“Azmin and Hadi were present when Zahid came to my house bringing files,” Muhyiddin said.

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