Zahid says up to Umno disciplinary board if Tajuddin will face action

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Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is leaving it to the party’s disciplinary board to decide if there is a need to take action against Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

Zahid said the Umno supreme council would also deliberate and decide on the matter in the event the party’s disciplinary board received a report or request for a probe or action to be initiated against Tajuddin.

“I respect the party’s constitution where there is the Umno disciplinary board.

“The Umno supreme council will discuss the matter if the disciplinary board receives a report or request for any form of investigation or action be taken,” Zahid told reporters today.

He also said he leaves it to Umno’s members to consider whether there was any truth in Tajuddin’s remarks.

“To me, anything that is stated by him, whether it is not true or there is a bit of truth, I leave it to Umno members, especially those in the grassroots to make the appropriate evaluation on the position of someone as a supreme council member, whether they were elected in elections or appointed according to clauses, or also present in the supreme council as they represented the state liaison — namely as a state liaison chairman — who did not win or was not appointed to the supreme council, as the appointed positions are already filled.


“That is the discretion of the president and the supreme council to give someone the opportunity to also be present in meetings at the supreme council, but they cannot vote if there is voting in any supreme council meetings. Instead, it is open for them to give their views or opinions, whether they agree, are neutral or do not agree.”

Yesterday, Tajuddin said he was prepared to face the consequences from his tell-all press conference.

“If they play rough, I can do the same by contesting as an independent candidate (in the next general election).

“The majority (votes) that I had got during the previous general election (GE14) increased, although the party at the time was not spared by the political tsunami.

“Having said that, after 50 years with the party, my heart is still with Umno,” he said.