Zaid: Umno in a tough spot over ‘Allah’ socks issue

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Umno is caught in a difficult situation regarding the “Allah” socks issue involving its youth chief Dr Akmal Saleh as the party is too proud to admit any mistakes despite the possibility of facing negative reactions in the future, says former law minister Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid said the relative silence of party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was telling, likening it to Akmal’s continued support for a boycott of convenience store chain KK Mart despite the king’s call for an end to the controversy.

“What do I make of Akmal’s defiance? The answer is the same as to why Bung Moktar (Radin) had to speak on behalf of the Umno president about the boycott. And the president remained silent – is he also sending a message of defiance, like Akmal?


“Umno is probably torn asunder on this issue. Too proud to accept error on its part, yet facing a huge backlash moving forward,” he told FMT.

Zaid also said that the KK Mart boycott should be put to rest as there was “nothing strategic about prolonging it”.

Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim yesterday warned parties against taking advantage of the matter, including by inciting the people.

“I do not want this issue to prolong any further,” the king had said.

However, Akmal responded by asking if the king had specifically addressed the boycott, which the Umno Youth chief has been spearheading since the start of the controversy.

The Umno Supreme Council has publicly backed Akmal’s statements on the matter, despite Zahid saying that the matter should not be prolonged.

However, Bung, a member of the council, recently said that Akmal had been told to stand down on the issue. – FMT