A Whopping RM600 Fish Head Curry at Famous Mamak Restaurant

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An expensive simple meal.

  • Fish head curry worked out to be RM150 a bowl
  • Restaurant claimed high pricing due to size of fish head
  • Diner believed excessive charges because of restaurant’s prime location

A receipt posted on social media by Faudzy Asrafudeen Sayed Mohamed has gone viral, with the diner sharing his view that he was “exuberantly overcharged” for the fish head curry.

A dinner for two families at a popular restaurant in Kuala Lumpur last weekend ended on a shocking note when the diners were presented with a hefty bill for fish head curry.

The receipt posted online on Nov 20 showed the price of the fish head curry was RM600, which was for four bowls, or RM150 a bowl.

The total bill for the meal, which included other dishes and beverages, came to a grand total of almost RM1,000.

Astonished by the bill, Faudzy said in the post:  “I feel that I have been exuberantly overcharged…what do you all think…I have decided not to patronize the place again…so all please beware…please share this with your friend.”

When contacted by mStar Online, Faudzy, a 56-year-old director of market development, said that he had not expected that a simple meal at a restaurant would be that expensive.

He said that this was not the first time that he had eaten fish head curry and that he was usually charged between RM50 and RM80 per bowl.

“I didn’t look at the menu because I usually know the average price to pay. Even though I had budgeted for this meal, I was shocked to see the price of the fish head curry there.

“I asked the cashier to explain the bill to me. He said that the price of the curry depended on the size of the fish head.

“If the head is big, it will be priced between RM120 and RM150, while the smaller ones would be between RM60 and RM80,” he was quoted as saying.

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Faudzy, however, believed that the excessive charges were because of the restaurant’s location in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle.

It was reported that he had no intention of lodging a complaint with the authorities.

“I decided to just pay the bill. I ate the meal, so there was no reason to not pay the bill. But I want to warn others so that they won’t fall prey to this like we did.

“If you go to any restaurant, check the menu for the prices before making your order. You need to ask for the menu first, especially if you want to eat fish head curry,” he told mStar Online, adding that restaurant owners play an important part in providing this service to their patrons.

“If a customer wants to order fish head curry, tell them the price range for the dishes – the prices for small, medium, and large dishes.

“The workers also need to explain this rather than just take orders, so that when people pay their bills, they won’t be surprised,” he was quoted as saying.