Anwar: Unfair to Enrich PN MPs with Plum Posts

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It is unfair for the Perikatan Nasional government to give plum appointments to MPs, as the country grapples with unemployment, said Anwar Ibrahim.

“MPs already earn around RM20,000 a month but some of them are now given appointments in government-linked companies and agencies, which earn them another RM30,000 per month.

“PN should not be enriching themselves while unemployment is rising in the country following the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Anwar in a Facebook live session today.

The PKR president was commenting on a spate of MP appointments with the latest being the appointment of Parit MP Mohd Nizar Zakaria as the National Population and Family Development Board chairman.

Nizar will replace Dr Narimah Awin, who was appointed last year.

The board is an agency under the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry that runs family planning and reproductive health clinics in the country.

“Other questionable decisions include replacing Petronas CEO Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin and PNB CEO Jalil Rasheed,” said Anwar, who is also opposition leader.


“It is very disappointing to see Wan Zulkiflee and Jalil, who are clean and qualified professionals, being replaced or forced to quit,” said the Port Dickson MP.

He said young, committed, corruption-free and world-renowned professionals are being replaced by the PN government in favour of MPs who appear to be willing to comply with anyone’s needs as long as they get to keep their high-paying jobs.

“What kind of message are we sending to young people when honest, hardworking professional technocrats need to compromise with political leaders, which in the end results in their resignations?

“Either that or you don’t resign and do like what’s happening now. You want a contract? Okay, here you go. Need to tender? No need lah. I need a commission. Well, here you go, as long as my position and post are guaranteed,” said Anwar, explaining how government cronies allegedly conduct their business.

“PNB is a Bumiputera company with billions of dollars in investments. We must make sure whoever handles it is not corrupt and wasteful and has the right qualifications.

“As such, Jalil in the end would not compromise on his principles and quit due to pressure from outsiders, which is very disappointing,” said Anwar.

“How many billions of ringgit and shares of Bumiputeras have we lost so far? How many of these Bumiputera companies have poor governance that they are losing money all the time?

“So instead of empowering a young man who is committed to honesty and change, we push him out because he would not compromise with politicians.”

“I don’t have an issue if said MP has expertise in these fields and can do a good job but what we are seeing is these new people replacing the professionals in order to enrich themselves and make sure several MPs have a better standing in society. This is regretful,” added Anwar.

“This will indirectly cause foreign investors to be sceptical about investing in Malaysia if our governance is poor.”