Chin Tong: Sabah Election Will Have National Implication, Voters Decide Fate of Party Hoppers

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Johor DAP chairman Liew Chin Tong said that the Sabah election will not only have an impact on voters in the state but will have a national scale impact.

In a Facebook posting today, Liew said: “The people’s uprising against the ‘kataks’ (party hoppers) will determine Malaysia’s political direction.”

He urged the public to vote for Parti Warisan and by extent Pakatan Harapan Plus in the Sabah state election on September 26 and send a strong message to party-jumpers.

He said it would also signal that no one can disrupt Malaysia’s democracy with money, or try to usurp any democratically-elected government.

“If Warisan Plus wins by an overwhelming majority, they can obtain at least 100 seats,” Liew said in a video posted on his social media accounts.

Under such circumstances, he said it is likely that Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin would not call for another general election.

“Any federal-level party calling for an election must be confident in winning at least 130 to 135 seats, otherwise it will be pointless.

“Even if BN and PN obtain a strong victory in the Peninsular, I believe we can win at least 80 seats out of the 165 in the Peninsular,” Liew said.

Mukhriz Hazim

Based on this estimate and calculating that Warisan may garner 20 seats in the election, Liew said Pakatan and its allies will be able to gain 100 seats in total.

“This does not include the seats in Sarawak alone. In 2018, we won 14 seats in Sabah and 10 in Sarawak, bringing us to 122 on election night.

“The point is that as long as there is a major victory in Sabah, it means that even without taking Sarawak into account we will have 100 seats,” Liew said, adding this would spell trouble for anyone in the federal government seeking to call for a snap election. – MMO