Chin Tong: The End Is Nigh for Muhyiddin

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Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has miscalculated his steps in trying to consolidate power for his Perikatan Nasional coalition and is now in danger of losing everything, said DAP’s Liew Chin Tong.

The former deputy minister said Muhyiddin had misplaced faith in Hamzah Zainudin, who was pivotal in the collapse of Pakatan Harapan, but is now putting the prime minister’s position in question.

Hamzah is the Perikatan Nasional government’s home minister and also the coalition’s secretary-general.

“Muhyiddin’s over reliance on Hamzah, and Hamzah’s limited understanding of the world outside Umno’s modus operandi of old politics, has led the prime minister into the contours of the hills of Sabah, which is an unnecessary distraction to his national venture,” Liew said.

Najjua Zulkefli/TMI


“The end is nigh for Muhyiddin,” Liew said.

He said Hamzah’s takeover of Sabah has blown up in Muhyiddin’s face and he is now less powerful than he was before.

“The latest debacle – Hamzah’s Sabah venture endorsed by Muhyiddin – is an overreach of foolish proportions,” Liew said.

Muhyiddin was also thrown off his game when opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim announced yesterday he had numbers to form a new government.

Liew said Muhyiddin has been campaigning in Sabah, telling voters that they should associate themselves with a federal party which is in power.

“The problem with that is Anwar’ press conference at Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur yesterday had destroyed Muhyiddin’s premise for the campaign in Sabah.

“Now no one knows if Muhyiddin would still be prime minister and whether Perikatan Nasional would still be the federal government by next month,” he said

Liew also highlighted several political errors since Muhyiddin took over government, including failing to launch PN in Sabah and deciding on a chief minister candidate.

“The prime minister claimed that the Sabah election would be a gauge of his popularity which would guide him to call for a general election should Perikatan win,” Liew said.

Muhyiddin and Hamzah were part of the coup that caused Pakatan Harapan to collapse. Their Bersatu faction worked with Umno, PAS and Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) to form the PN government.

Muhyiddin has tasked Hamzah with convincing Sabah parties to join PN, but to no avail.

Anwar, who is also PKR president, yesterday declared the PN government led by Muhyiddin had fallen as he had a convincing majority to take over Putrajaya.

The Port Dickson MP said he had already spoken to the king on the telephone after the monarch was admitted to the National Heart Institute.

Anwar said he will reveal the number of MPs who back him only after he has informed the king.

Soon after Anwar’s announcement, both DAP and Amanah issued statements, pledging their support for him.

GPS, however, pledged their support for Muhyiddin.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said his party members were free to support Anwar.

DAP has 42 lawmakers, Amanah (11), PKR (38), Umno (41) and GPS (18). – TMI